Asking for help can be a big step for anyone, particularly when that involves inviting someone into your home to help with personal care or daily living. A common concern about receiving professional home care services, especially for the first time, is that it can feel like an erosion of personal independence. However, a little help can actually be the solution to maintaining your independence in your own home. At The Service Tree our mission is all about making your life easier whilst at the same time protecting and promoting your independence.

We offer a comprehensive range of home care services to enable our service-users to remain in control and comfortable at home. Some of these services are listed within this brochure, however we understand that we are supporting individuals with unique lives, needs and preferences and therefore no list of services can be comprehensive. If you’re not sure if we offer the service you require then just ask… the answer is usually “Yes”.

Regularity and length of visits depends very much on individual needs, preferences and, in some cases, on the advice of medical and social care professionals. When we first meet with you and/ or your representative we will discuss your needs and preferences in detail and work with you to create a bespoke service package.

“Having The Service Tree help to care for my mother-in-law has taken a lot of concern and anxiety from us as a family and given her extra company, contact and safety. This has given Vera the chance to stay in her own home. Thank you to all” Mrs JC, Radcliffe-on-Trent

elderly homecare services
elderly homecare services
elderly homecare services


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